An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain was created by crossing GMO and Grease Monkey. With a funky garlic nose and a slightly sweet garlic flavor, our staff says Mr Nasty is “perfect for relaxing after work.”

Breeder: Exotic Genetics
Lineage: GMO x Grease Monkey
Nose: Funky greasy garlic, garlic cookies
Taste: Slightly Sweet, Sauteed Garlic
Effect: Sedating, Stoney, Relaxed

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A staff favorite, this HIGHLY grown sativa dominant strain has an amazing citrus scent profile and delicious fruity taste. “A perfect daytime smoke.”

Breeder: Unknown
Lineage: Grapefruit x Super Silver Haze
Nose: Grapefruit, Clementine
Taste: Sweet Grapefruit
Effect: Mood Uplifting, Euphoric, Active

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A HIGHLY grown sativa hybrid, we love Banana Bread’s strong fruity nose and sweet, gassy taste profile.

Breeder: Captain Connection / Lonely Bones
Lineage: Strawnana Bagseed [Banana Kush x Strawberry Bubblegum]
Nose: Fruity, Earthy, Banana
Taste: Sweet, Gassy
Effect: Uplifting, Creative

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A HIGHLY grown indica hybrid, Punch Breath is a cross of Mendobreath & Purple Punch. We love its relaxing effects and large, dense, purple bud structure.

Breeder: Symbiotic Genetics
Lineage: Mendobreath x Purple Punch
Nose: Grape Candy, Dark Berry
Taste: Grape Candy, Red Wine
Effect: Very relaxing, strong behind the eyes

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A HIGHLY grown hybrid, Citrus Black features a sweet citrus taste and calming effects with a hint of stimulation. “Perfect to enjoy before a walk in the sunshine.”

Breeder: Solfire Gardens
Lineage: Oregon Lemons x Black Banana
Nose: Fruity, Candied Lemons, Blackberry
Taste: Lemonade, Citrus Candy
Effect: Calming with mild stimulation

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A classic orange forward sativa strain, we love the hints of tangie and lemon skunk from the lineage of its Clementine parent.

Breeder: Symbiotic Genetics
Lineage: Clementine x Purple Punch
Nose: Orange, Lemon, Skunk
Taste: Sparkling Orange, Lemon, Citrus & Spice
Effect: Stimulating, Euphoric, Alert, Active

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A sativa leaning hybrid, this HIGHLY grown strain has a robust and pungent scent profile and delicious spicy citrus taste. Happy Hour lives up to its name!

Breeder: Solfire Gardens
Lineage: Strawberry Jelly x Don Mega
Nose: Citrus, Pungent
Taste: Citrus, Spice
Effect: Happy, Productive, Creative

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A cross of Thai Crush and Sour Tropical Zkittlez, this sativa hybrid is delicious, uplifting, and the perfect companion for Summer adventures.

Breeder: The Plant Stable
Lineage: Thai Crush x Sour Tropical Zkittlez
Nose: Pine, Citrus
Taste: Woody, Nutty, subtle Vanilla sweetness
Effect: Tranquil, Focused, Uplifting 

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This powerhouse HIGHLY grown indica hybrid features sedating and euphoric effects paired with an intoxicating hash and sweet berry nose.

Breeder: Unknown
Lineage: Afghani x Blackberry
Nose: Sweet Berries and Hash
Taste: Berry Kush
Effect: Sedating, Euphoric

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Calling all grape lovers: Catalina Wine Mixer is here! Ready for a full body melt? Check. Can’t get enough grape flavor? Check. Come see why this is the strain our HIGHLY team has been waiting for.

Breeder: Greenpoint Seeds
Lineage: Sunset Sherbet x Purple Punch
Nose: Grape and Wine
Taste: Grape, Fermented Berries, Earthy
Effect: Relaxing and Sedating

This HIGHLY Living Soil-grown hybrid is a fruit party that’s perfect for every kind of Summer activity. We love it’s uplifting and giggle-inducing effects.

Breeder: In-House Genetics
Lineage: Indiana Bubblegum x Pancakes
Nose: Fruity and Sweet
Taste: Fruit, Berry, Grape
Effect: Euphoric, Giggly, Uplifting 

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